Freitag, 28. Juli 2023

Thank you and good night

Der aus Sri Lanka stammende und heute in Hongkong lebende Kollege Nury Vittachi beschreibt die "regelbasierte internationale Ordnung" (hat tip NDS...) so:

1. The USA rules the world.
2. The USA makes all rules including these rules.
3. No one can know what the rules are, only that they exist.
4. No one is allowed to ask what the rules are.
5. The USA will be in charge of the flexibility provided by the rules’ non-existent nature.
6. Non-western countries must be regularly castigated for not following the rules.
7. Western countries must be regularly praised for following the rules.
8. Alternative rules of governance which work successfully (cf. China, Singapore) must always be derided as “authoritarianism”.
9. Unfair global dominance by the 13% western minority (cf. totalitarianism) must always be referred to as “democracy”.
10. These rules over-ride all other rules, including fundamental justice and the laws of nature.
Thank you and goodnight.
With love,
The Pentagon

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