Freitag, 14. Juni 2013

Unternehmen zur Einhaltung der Menschenrechte verpflichten

Eine Reihe großer NGO hat ein Positionspapier mit Forderungen an die Bundesregierung veröffentlicht, die dazu dienen könnten, die menschenrechtlichen Verpflichtungen multinationaler Unternehmen künftig besser umsetzen zu können. MediaWatch meint, dass diese Forderungen weite Verbreitung finden sollten:
  • "Comprehensively review Germany’s legal foundations to identify any regulatory gaps that make it more difficult to ensure effective protection against human rights abuses by private business enterprises. 
  • Ensure, through human rights impact assessments, reformed human rights clauses and the setting of new priorities, that EU investment and trade agreements and German raw materials partnerships do not constrain the fulfilment of human rights, but promote it. 
  • Work to bring about a comprehensive mainstreaming of human rights in the guidelines and operations of the World Bank, IMF and other international institutions. 
  • Develop implementation guidelines on human rights due diligence for business enterprises, also in relation to their subsidiaries, suppliers and distribution channels, and make these a legal requirement in Germany. 
  • Make all State support, e.g. in the form of foreign trade promotion or public procurement, dependent on strict compliance with human rights due diligence, and disclose this transparently. 
  • Enact legal reforms to ensure that liability for severe human rights abuses by a foreign subsidiary, supplier or distribution partner is transferred to the parent company. 
  • Enact legal reforms to facilitate the application of German law and corporate criminal liability in case of human rights abuses involving German business enterprises in other countries. 
  • Create the legal means for those affected in other countries to file proceedings in Germany,and reduce financial and procedural barriers. 
  • Systematically and comprehensively implement the new version of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and provide for sanctions where these are violated."

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