Montag, 12. Januar 2009

"Indonesia ready to send troops to Palestine"

sichert die indonesische Nachrichtenagentur Antara zu. Doch machen die Indonesier die mögliche Entsendung von Truppen von einem Waffenstillstandsabkommen abhängig.
"The government`s policy is how to enable humanitarian aid to reach them (Palestinians) and how to make our diplomatic measures effective. A ceasefire is the best solution. The safety of Indonesian people is also important," he [President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono] said.
(...) "Our goal is to help and show our solidarity in correct ways. So people should choose ways that can be part of the solution and not ways that will create problems," he said in response to the wish of many Indonesians to go to Gaza to help the Palestinians.
Der innenpolitische Druck scheint erheblich zu sein:
Earlier, some Muslim-based organizations, including Hizbut Tharir Indonesia (HTI), urged the Indonesian government not only to condemn Israeli brutality but also to send military troops to Palestine without waiting for an instruction from the United Nations.
(...) HTI spokesman Muhammad Ismail Yusanto said the UN could no longer be expected to take the side of the Muslims who had fallen victim to the Israeli military onslaught.
"The world organization has proven to be weak toward the US and its allies because the UN has so far been an instrument to legitimize the actions and interests of colonialist countries," he said.

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