Mittwoch, 2. März 2016

Wo kommen die Arbeitsplätze her?

Sichtlich enttäuscht vom Haushalt Delhis gibt sich die NZZ. Premierminister Narendra Modi schiele nach den WählerInnen - Wirtschaftswachstum lasse sich mit der Förderung ländlicher Regionen aber nicht erzielen... Wer die eigentlichen Gründe für die Enttäuschung der Industrie und Anleger kennenlernen will, muss in die Asia Times gucken:
The budget made no significant relaxation for foreign direct investment in any new sector of the economy or proposed any increase in the existing ceilings – the only exception being the agro-industry. (...)
Having said that, Modi’s decision to take a left turn and head for rural development as the mainstay of his development agenda (...) also makes economic sense.
The fact of the matter is that the Indian economy has its specific features. The acolytes of neo-liberalism ignore that in reality India’s economy is riding on the back of the informal sector, which generates 90% of the total jobs in the country and accounts for half of India’s GDP. (...)
The big corporate do not create jobs on anywhere near the scale what India needs and Modi promised. Modi realizes this. To quote him, “People think it is big industries and corporate houses that provide higher employment. The truth is, only 12.5 million people are employed by big corporates, against 120 million by MSME (medium and small scale) sector.”

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